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Last month was my first ever Gingerbread. I had it in an event. I wasn’t expecting anything from it, for it was my first time. Weeks after, my cousin bought a Gingerbread house for his husband ’cause it was his favorite. And when we ate it, it was so delicious. It was really, really, really GOOD! Then I told them that we should make one, so I tried making it last week. It went well so I might as well share it to everyone who is craving for a Gingerbread.

Here is a list of everything you need:

-125g of butter, room temp.
-100g brown sugar (firmly packed)
-125ml golden syrup
-1 egg, separated (egg yolk)
-375g plain flour
-1 tbs ground ginger
-1 tsp mixed spice
-1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

-150g (1 cup) pure icing sugar, sifted
-egg white



STEP 1.1 Mix butter and brown sugar in a bowl and beat it with your electric mixer until combined.


1. 2. Add golden syrup and egg yolk beat until creamy and pale.


1.3. Sift flour, bicarbonate soda, ground ginger, and mixed spice and add it in the bowl gradually.



1.4. Put a flour in your kneading area and knead it until smooth.

IMG_2924 IMG_2925

1.5. Make a circle and flat it, then cover it with a plastic wrap. Place it in a fridge for 30 minutes.

IMG_2926 IMG_2927

STEP 2. Pre-heat your oven to  180°C. Spray 2-3 baking trays with your cooking spray or just brush your trays with melted butter.


STEP 3. While waiting, place egg white in a dry bowl. Beat egg white until soft peaks form. Slowly add the icing sugar, beat until stiff peaks form. Cover it with plastic wrap and place it in fridge.


STEP 4. Place your dough in the middle of 2 baking paper.



              STEP 4.1. Roll out until 3-4mm thick. Use any shape cutter you desire. (For me I use different sizes of stars.). Then place it in the baking trays with 2 cm apart. Repeat until you finish your dough.



STEP 5 . Bake in oven for 12  minutes. Then transfer in a rack to cool.


STEP 6. Place icing in an icing bag or make your own bag by twirling a piece of square baking paper and cut a hole on its tip.




Hope you like it guys and try it after reading this….



Last weekend my Ate (older sister) brought me to St. Albans ’cause the Vietnamese community had their Lunar New Year Festival. There are heaps of foods, rides and shows, the whole street was closed. People was having fun by eating different type of food that the Vietnamese was selling. I too was having fun by just thinking which food should I eat first. Everything looks so YUMMY.!!! But the first thing my cousin bought for us was Vietnamese coffee (’cause we both like it)

Here are the foods that we ate:

aa15-Sesame Doughnut, it’s a fried bread with sesame on it, it’s actually sweet, perfect for dessert and snack.
aa5-Takoyaki,  a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan with shrimp or  diced octopus.
aa9-Minced Beef wrapped in a leaf then barbequed.
aa8-Then we ate crabs but the small version so I called it crablets that has a delicious batter and some pickled carrots.
aa13 aa12
-Shrimp pancakes (I’m pretty sure that’s what they called it) it’s not our typical pancakes they fry it in different kind of fryer  with a diffrent batter, but my most favorite part is, it has shrimp on it.
aa7-I don’t know what they call it but it taste like a Longganisa (a Filipino food) for me but it’s thin.
IMG_2549-Actually we haven’t got the chance to eat this but it looks so delicious. It looks like a tofu with condiments and eggs.

Here are some other photos that I took.
aa4 aa16IMG_2461aa6

I really enjoyed my weekend. And I really had fun celebrating their Chinese New Year. A new different way of starting the Year of the Horse…


So Take A LEAP and FLY……


checkout my cousins blog if you have time

My new ADVENTURE starts

arielle3.1arielle1.1arielle2.1arielle4.1    Arielle.1  

Hi my name is Mariella, but my mom always calls me Arielle because she loves the movie The Little Mermaid when I was young. But now one of my cousins call me Ezrielle, its one of there favorite characters in an online game and its sounds pretty cool to me, so that’s why I made missezrielle as my username ’cause it’s cool but still its a bit girly.

I actually don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what to write.

I don’t know where to start.

This would be my first time doing such thing. I just want to make something for my birthday (yeah it’s my birthday today.!!! Yipee.)

Something I would be proud of someday.

Something that would challenge me.

I want this to be like a diary, but still I want other people to know what I am exploring, people who are like me.

New place .

New surroundings.

New chapter of life to begin with.







Happy 2K14 everyone.